Benjamin Skop is an artist working with human movement as his primary interest.

He is concerned with movement as a primal constituting feature of reality and looks at how it, in its very nature, is generated within a broader context of time and space.

Skop is interested in how we perceive motion by way of our perceptual apparatus as well as through our active (motion-based) engagement in the world.

“I am curious about possible ways of expanding our understanding of the moving body through various technologies, in particular image- and time-based media. I find interest in the inherent geometry, proportions and shape of our anatomy, as well as how our physique relates to its environment and the wider framing of human life. Perhaps by our acts of moving-in-the-world, we ourselves create a kind of moving architecture.

I utilize various methods in my work that includes classifying, systematizing, reducing and abstracting. In contrast to these analytical approaches, I am equally interested in acts of moving in and by itself, and I believe that another kind of knowledge is gained by this more practical engagement; a knowledge which is situated and embodied, a learning by doing, or perhaps put more precisely: learning by moving.”

Skop’s professional dance career saw him perform in many of the most significant theatres around Denmark, as well as in Sweden, England, China and France. After ten years of dance and theatre work, Skop shifted his knowledge and understanding from the ‘movement-world’ into the field of visual arts.

Through continuous experimentation with various mediums including photography, video, motion capture, performance and 3D technology, Skop explores new ways for corporeal movement to be performed, understood, represented and expanded upon.